Is quality of life your priority?

No buzz words -

Just evidence-based tools, field tested by leaders in the most challenging environments.

Module 1:

Authentic Leadership, Coaching and Meditation Practice.

January 16 - 18 ´24

Authentic leadership, coaching and meditation practice converge at the intersection of personal growth, resilience, and effective leadership.

This transformative combination empowers leaders to navigate challenges with unwavering confidence, clarity, and a deep understanding of themselves and others.

We delve into how fearless leadership coaching and meditation work in harmony to cultivate fearless leaders ready to inspire, innovate, and lead with purpose.

Module 3:

Teams, Personal Leadership, and Communication.

March 19 - 21 ´24

In today's collaborative work environments, the dynamics of teams have never been more critical.

Teams are the engines that drive innovation, productivity, and success in organizations.

However, effective teamwork relies not only on structured processes but also on personal leadership and clear communication.

We explore the indispensable roles that personal leadership and effective communication play in optimizing team performance and achieving collective goals.

Module 2:

Work-Life Balance and Coping with Stress.

February 27 - 29 ´24

In today's fast-paced and demanding world, achieving a harmonious work-life balance while effectively coping with stress has become a paramount concern for many.

Balancing career aspirations, personal commitments, and the ever-increasing demands of modern life can be challenging.

We'll delve into the essential concepts of work-life balance and stress management, exploring strategies and insights to help individuals find equilibrium and well-being in both their professional and personal lives.

Module 4:

Value-driven Leadership

May 14 - 16 ´24

Value-driven leadership is the compass that guides us toward a brighter, more meaningful future.

As we conclude this transformative programme, each of us carries with us a personal plan that reflects our unique vision for the future.

This personalized roadmap is not just a mere document; it's a powerful tool that safeguards the quality of the insights and tools we've gained from this journey.
It encapsulates our commitment to lead with purpose, authenticity, and a profound understanding of our core values.

What you get -

Our program is designed to help you "draw outside the frame" of traditional leadership, encouraging you to think beyond limits and boundaries.

Join us on this transformative journey and unlock your full leadership potential.

On a personal level you will  -

  • Discover Your Authentic Self - Gain deeper insights into your core values, strengths, and areas for growth, fostering a stronger sense of self-awareness.
  • Expand Your Horizon - Open your mind to new perspectives and innovative approaches, broadening your worldview and enriching your problem-solving abilities.
  • Ignite Personal Growth - Cultivate the mindset and practices for ongoing personal development, ensuring you continue to evolve as a leader and individual.
  • Value-driven Leadership - By embracing this philosophy, you not only enrich your personal life but also elevate your role as leader in your respective organizations

This leadership programme offers a holistic journey of growth and empowerment, leaving you with newfound wisdom, skills, and a strengthened sense of purpose in both your professional and personal life.

Your organization will gain -

  • Effective Leadership - Leaders who embody authenticity and lead by example, inspiring trust, loyalty, and motivation among their teams.
  • Enhanced Productivity - Teams that are more engaged, creative, and collaborative, resulting in improved performance and increased innovation.
  • Stronger Culture - A workplace culture characterized by transparency, open communication, and a shared commitment to organizational goals.
  • Sustainable Growth - A foundation for long-term success built on leaders who are well-equipped to lead through the complexities of today's business landscape.

Working with these new authentic leadership tools is an investment in the future of your organization, fostering a culture of excellence, growth, and adaptability that ultimately contributes to sustained success and a competitive edge in the market.



I can't express enough how Coach Akademiet has transformed my approach to leadership. 

Before engaging with this program, I thought leadership was primarily about authority and decision-making. However, your program opened my eyes to a more profound and impactful style of leadership - one that starts with self-awareness and extends to understanding and empowering others.

I've discovered the power of mindfulness and self-reflection in fostering self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This newfound awareness has improved my communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution skills in both my professional and personal life.

What's most remarkable is that this transformation has had a ripple effect. As I've embraced leadership in a new way, I've seen positive changes in my team's dynamics and performance.

I now lead with authenticity, empathy, and a commitment to continuous growth. If you're seeking to elevate your leadership to new heights and inspire positive change within your organization, I wholeheartedly recommend Change Leaders training programme. It's an investment that pays immeasurable dividends.

Xavier Gibert - CMO. Flying Tiger

Meet the team

Rudi Narine - Masters in business psychology, Leadership Coach & Team Coach specializing in communication, neuroscience and management processes. Rudi has over 25 years of leadership, teaching and coaching experience.

Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and transformed as you embark on this leadership programme.

Rudi's journey and his commitment to sharing his wisdom will leave an indelible mark on your leadership philosophy and your capacity to lead effectively, especially in the complex and dynamic world of large, international corporations.

Sara Roland - ICF certified Coach & Psychotherapist, specializing in value-driven leadership, personal leadership and neuroscience.

Sara has over 20 years of leadership, teaching and coaching experience.

Sara's expertise extends beyond stress management, as she possesses a rare talent for nurturing leaders and helping them uncover their authentic leadership style. Her leadership training programmes are not just instructional; they are transformative experiences that empower individuals to lead with purpose, authenticity, and confidence.

Practical information

The training will encompass both large group sessions, team-based activities, and moments of individual contemplation.

Du kan vælge at undervisningen skal foregå på dansk eller engelsk - vi tilpasser os behovet i gruppen.   

Beyond utilizing our training facilities, we integrate the natural surroundings into the experience.

The programme caters to leaders and experts who are at a stage in their careers where they aim to explore and enhance their leadership style and effectiveness.

Typically, participants are highly skilled individuals in their respective fields.

This program is designed to help you advance and harmonize your professional expertise and abilities, ultimately shaping a more genuine leadership approach that serves your own growth, your organization, and your team.

Total price is DKK 55.000,- + VAT including materials and

  • Coffee & tea 

  • Croissant & juice

  • Lunch buffet

  • Fresh fruit & sweets or salty nuts

Our address is:

Nomad Workspace

Blegdamsvej 6

2200 Copenhagen N

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Danfoss and Danske Bank and Novo Nordisk are among the companies that have chosen our workshops for their leaders.

They experienced great value in this leadership training programme.